The following 100 word flash fiction was inspired by a Stupefying Stories Magazine challenge, the idea being to create a Spec/Sci-Fic flash, incorporating a specific dialogue phrase. Ten of the entries were chosen for inclusion in Stupefying weekly newsletters. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter or review their offerings, click on the above link.

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So, can you pick-out the phrase in the following flash? Hint, hint, check-out the above page title:


Mind reading Ishenti were always a bitch to shake. Lonael suppressed thoughts of her escape option and focused on a grumbling gut. One meal over three days helped.

Her intra-cranial signaled, “Rendezvous, next right.”

As she raced around the corner, a disruptor sliced through some unlucky local. Covering fire from her destination interrupted the Ishenti target practice. A body length away, she dove toward Bob’s Burger Bonanza. She, “Bob”—truck included—were beamed to the orbiting cruiser.

“Too close…,” she said between breaths, “starving, too,” and glanced at Bob.

Outstretched burger in-hand, he grinned from the food truck. “Want fries with that?”