Tale of Two

“A Tale of Two” is dedicated, tongue firmly in cheek, to the gatekeeper, the bane of all writers unknown, and struggling to publish–the EDITOR.

THE SHINE JOURNAL kindly published this tale of the writer’s plight. Yes, there are exceptions.

The Empire was climbing to the heights of glory under Queen Victoria’s reign, but more mundane matters weighed upon the young writer.

He trudged through the streets of London to yet another appointment, with yet another editor, the latest manuscript revision clutched beneath his overcoat for protection against the inclement weather.

“Would that my efforts survive so foul an editor,” he mumbled, hurrying through the downpour.

Soon enough, he would have his answer.

An hour crept past the original appointment before Mr. Babcock deigned to grant him an audience. Leather bound volumes lined the many shelves of the older gentleman’s office. He sat firmly entrenched behind a fortress of a desk, and frowned as he began the manuscript.

.... The Young C.D. ....

A sigh floated beyond the edge of the very first page he read.

“My dear Sir, how can it possibly be BOTH? It’s either the best OR the worst of times.”