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The Celtic Tree of LifeTHE CELTIC TREE OF LIFE


Please, stay awhile. Pluck a story from the Tree and stroll along with me down the storyteller’s path. Enjoy the stories within, tales of what once was, never was or, who knows, may yet be.


R. A. Keenan




Ich bin ein Brooklyner who survived the Age of Aquarius despite my best efforts to the contrary. Yes, indeed, Guardian Angels do exist.

The stories within are short, mostly fiction, a few creative non-fiction, all published in small press journals or anthologies (see links/menu button.) Your comments on the stories are welcome. Emails, too.

If you like, start with Tale of Two, a mere one-hundred-fifty words, though so few, they say much about the art of writing, not to mention the travails every beginning author faces.